Manga Malai/ Mango Malai

Embrace your beauty with Manga Malai, the traditional south Indian jewellery! Mango Necklace Set design is a beautiful and timeless classic. This beautiful South Indian design originated from the roots of mango motifs, setting you apart with its unique elegance.

Traditional Green Mango Necklace

Traditional Pink Mango Necklace

Mango Haram / Mango Haar designs are widely preferred and crafted by traditional South Indian jewellery makers. Not only will they provide a classic touch to your outfit but also keep up with fashion and contemporary jewellery trends.

With its various sizes and designs, this traditional South Indian jewelry  is often seen on brides at weddings used as bridal jewellery. Enjoy enduring quality as this exquisite temple jewellery adds a luxurious touch to every occasion. Get the statement piece for your wardrobe – invest in a lifetime piece of Mango Malai – the ideal temple jewellery ! All of these necklaces comes with matching Mango Earrings / Mango Jhumka .

Traditional Pink Mango Necklace

Traditional White Stone Mango Necklace

Make a style statement with Mango Haram Designs ! With the best price online in Chennai and exclusive designs at our store, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your unique style.

Kemp Mango Necklace

Traditional Mango Necklace

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