All About Silver Jewellery

History of silver:

People link silver with their luxury, that’s why we are using the phrase- “silver spoon”. There is a certain delicate and exquisite beauty in silver. A beautiful handcrafted 92.5 silver jewelleries will be in tribal, vintage, and classic designs. In fact, silver jewelleries play an important role in the attire, look, and dressings of tribal people. Silver is a white metal that is harder than gold, softer than copper. For more than a thousand years silver was used to create ornaments, instruments and also used for monetary purposes. Silver is one of the seven of antiquity,  In history one of our periodic timelines is referred to as the silver age. 

Silver jewellery paired with gold, pearls,  precious stones, and semi-precious stones are popular in India especially in the southern part of India. Silver jewellery is famous in Rajkot (Gujarat), Udaipur (Rajasthan), Kolhapur (Maharashtra), Hathras (Uttar Pradesh), Salem (Tamil Nadu).

Traditional and Economical:

Ornaments that are made from silver-like tikkas, earrings, anklets, bangles, rings, necklaces, pendants, toe rings, bracelets, nose pins, etc come under an integral part of jewellery. Gold jewellery has always been the first preference for the Indian people, apart from the gold next preference for the Indian people is silver, it may be an investment, or it’s a part of financial security during the eventuality. Due to its easy availability and economical for all classes, people always like to purchase and use silver.

Old is new:

Everyone knows that people who have silver jewelleries will create new designs by melting them, but the trend is reversed now, it’s becoming the fashion to wear the oldest traditional designs as the newest, wearing oxidized silver jewellery with traditional designs is becoming quite popular.

Silver in the 21st century:

The 21st century has contributed greatly to silver production through the well-developed advanced technology worldwide. Apart from the advanced technology, the separation of silver from ores technique has also been improved. 

One of the biggest technologies in the 21st century is the Internet, with this we can purchase anything at any time from home. For buying silver jewellery online there are lots of online platforms, from these stores we will strongly suggest you Rimli Boutique, to buy silver jewellery collections, you can also visit our shop in T.nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Nowadays youngsters praised silver jewelleries due to their elegance, financial prices, a wide variety of collections, etc. We take a lot of effort while creating this beautiful silver jewellery collection for you. 

Indian silver jewelleries in the USA are also possible with online shopping, but all that we need to do is choose the right jewellers with the right price and with all the latest silver jewellery collections. Now online silver earrings purchase is possible with Rimli, here we have all the latest silver jewellery collections at the correct price.

Handcrafted beautifully:

Initially, people thought that the handmade silver jewelleries will fade soon as compared with machine-made jewellery, but lately, they understand the uniqueness of handmade silver jewelleries created beautifully and carefully by well-skilled artisans are worth buying and using. These days many women and ladies are turning their eyeshot towards handcrafted jewelleries due to their unique design collections, artistry, and vibrant finishing. Many women and ladies prefer the charm of handcrafted jewelleries and also like to wear the handcrafted jewelleries for their special occasions, parties, days outs, and events. 

The greater beauty of this handcrafted jewelry is that they all are created uniquely by artisans from their own creation, this creativity and skills will be passed from one generation to another generation. Some trends and styles will change frequently but the tradition of using handcrafted jewelleries will never change and it always places a position in women’s wish list.

Unconventional Silver Jewelleries:

The finest silver jewellery on earth – made one piece at a time.

Timeless jewelleries will never go out of trend, but women who want to go and think out of the box will never revoke the unconventional silver jewelleries. The new trending of unconventional silver designs pushes the creativity of jewellery making with unusual thinking, which results in unusual/unconventional designs, it drapes perfectly on your ears, and which will make you unique and modern from others. 

Now let’s get into the silver earrings blog!

The best way to prove yourself in a fashionable way is to follow and wear the latest trending clothes and jewelleries. When it comes to the best silver earrings online we need to go out of the box and choose something different from this fashion world. Do some research work and find out which is an ongoing trend in this modern era. We found something stunning, rare and unconventional silver earrings for you. 

Our gorgeous unconventional silver earrings online are handcrafted beautifully by our skilled artisans and these all are called the OTP- One Time Product, these designs could not be recreated again because these all are designed beautifully as a signature collection

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